The Value of Time

Have you tried evaluating how you spend your time? In a day you have 24 hours–mostly of the 8 hours are spent on sleeping, and when you woke up you have 2-3 hours to spend breakfast and morning activity with your family, the next 10 hours on your work, and then the last 2-3 hours in the afternoon or evening with your family for dinner.

The Value of Time

During your morning hours with your family, either you are in a hurry to bother cooking or playing with your children or spouse or you are too tired from work yesterday you have difficulty waking up early. And the rest of the day you are faced with more work than usual. In the afternoon you are too tired that it gets in your head and you slashed it against your family for not trying to understand you. Were your time spent valuably? At the end of the day, can you say to yourself that you are happy with how much you spent your time?

Time with Family

All the things in this world can be replaced and change with something new. But taking your family for granted is like taking your life for granted. It’s not that you can only be happy when you are with your family, but you can only be happy when you know that you have shared your own happiness with the people around you. When you try to take note of how you spend your time with your family and yourself you will realize that you have little time. You have little time because you don’t make it valuable. No matter how little your time has been spent with them, as long as you make it valuable it’s like you had more time with them than the rest of your work. How you make it valuable is how you make them feel important and love. The simple things like cuddling and playing, or cooking and walking around are very valuable. The little time you spent listening instead of constant nagging is very important to your children as they grow. No matter how long your hours with your family but you make no effort to make yourself happy with them is of no value. Don’t let them find their joy and happiness from someone else’s home. Make the most of your time with them.

Time with yourself

You will only get tired if you don’t spare a little time for yourself. You earn for yourself sometime alone to make yourself relax and at peace. When you are relaxed and happy you don’t get tired of doing things for the people around you. You can take a walk or meditate. You can also go to spa or somewhere you can have fun and leisure. When you are confident and happy with yourself it’s easy to feel good with the people around you. Make it a habit to value your time with yourself.

Time is very important. It’s not how long your hours are, but how much you spent and value it for yourself and the people you love and cared for.

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