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L’esprit startup souffle sur le management


Startups versus Big Companies


How they compare in what’s awesome and sucky. Don’t let anyone tell you that one is strictly better or worse than the other. Both have their charms and their cracks.

Source : Medium

The « Sharing Economy » is dead, and we killed it

Collaborative economy

« How many of you own a power drill? » Rachel Botsman, the author of the book The Rise Of Collaborative Consumption, asked the audience at TedxSydney in 2010. Predictably, nearly everyone raised his or her hand. « That power drill will be used around 12 to 15 minutes in its entire lifetime, » Botsman continued with mock exasperation. « It’s kind of ridiculous, isn’t it? Because what you need is the hole, not the drill. »

Source : Fastcompany

Moins de hiérarchie, plus de liberté : l’esprit startup souffle sur le management


C’est une nouvelle énergie dans la ville. L’irruption d’une économie parallèle, en marge des grands groupes, de leurs réunions sans fin, de l’obsession généralisée d’être « politique » pour grimper dans la hiérarchie ou simplement garder son poste. Un monde en soi, un monde à part, où les décisions vont vite, où les projets font sens et où s’exprime l’envie de prendre des risques et de croire au succès. Depuis deux ans, malgré un contexte économique en berne, le nombre de start-up qui se créent à Paris explose : elles sont aujourd’hui trois mille (plus qu’à Londres).

Source : Le Figaro
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Don’t Throw in the Towel Before You Answer These 4 Questions


The word “quit” has many negative connotations.  Some might even suggest that it doesn’t exist in a winner’s vocabulary. While that theory makes sense on paper, it’s not healthy or realistic. As renowned business consultant Jim Collins put it, sometimes a “stop doing” list can be more productive than a “to do” list.

Source : Entrepreneur
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From ivory tower to incubator : Transforming students and researchers into entrepreneurs


Sample6 is a Cambridge, Massachusetts-based startup with a new way to detect food-borne pathogens such as Listeria and Salmonella. Its technology was conceived in a Boston University lab, and the company was cofounded by Boston University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology PhD students Michael Koeris, Timothy Lu and Tanguy Chau. But they didn’t do it on their own – Sample6 had lots of help, advice and $150,000 in convertible notes from Boston University’s Office of Technology Development.

Source : Reuters