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Be a Strong Leader of a Winning Team! Follow These 10 Guidelines

Over the years, I have developed the following guidelines that I have found to be successful while managing and coaching teams. If you are not already using these, go ahead and TRY them. I promise you will create a winning team!

Define roles and responsibilities. Not only do people want a clear understanding of where they fit in, but they also want others to know what they do and vice versa. Provide clarity when lines of responsibility become blurred.


Recognize strengths and capitalize on them. Allow and encourage rising stars to go above and beyond. Motivate employees by leveraging their strengths. Acknowledge accomplishments!

Provide focus, alignment and get buy-in. Employees who take part in creating a plan, own it. Ensure that goals are realistic and focus the team on the actions that will make the biggest difference to results. Above all else, make sure team is aligned under common goals.

Hold people accountable. People want to know that the leader will make tough decisions when others don’t play by the rules or uphold their commitments.

Determine and enforce what is acceptable and what is not. Be fair and consistent.
Walk the talk. Provide clarity and understanding of your mission. Live it and get others excited and proud to be a part of it. Enthusiasm is contagious.

Communicate, communicate, and communicate. Be open and honest in all communications. Prompt discussions and share information from the top down and the bottom up. And don’t forget to LISTEN!

Give opportunities to influence, impact and make a difference. In today’s fast-paced world, to be effective, you need to know how to adapt to and drive change. Allow others to develop ideas to improve, evolve and innovate.

Set a good example. Strong leaders are good mentors and coaches to their teams. Employees want to learn and grow. Pass on your knowledge, learnings and always remember the golden rule “do to others what you would like to be done to you”.

Be authentic no matter what your strengths or personality traits. Employees know when you are NOT being REAL. It’s okay to human, but also remember that a strong leader will always keep the best interest of the organization top of mind.

Trust and encourage your team. Empower your employees and give them the autonomy they need to achieve results.

Any other tips, suggestions, ideas you want to share with others? Let’s help each other experience the rewards of being a strong and successful leader