5 Presentation Tips For Impressing Your Client

client presentationDuring your career as a financial advisor, you are very likely going to have to give a client presentation showing potential clients what you can do for them and why they should pick you as their advisor. Now is the era of smart phones, YouTube, and instant gratification via the internet, so capturing (and holding) potential clients’ attention is no easy feat. With that in mind, check out our top 5 presentation tips to giving a better client presentation:

(1)   Go Digital

Nobody wants to leave home anymore to come to your office, and hear a 45 minute presentation that may or may not lead to them choosing a new financial advisor. Do better than the in-office presentation and create a live webinar that clients can attend from the comfort of their own home. Don’t have the time or resources for a live webinar? Then create a video that you can email potential clients. The possibilities for a digital presentation are endless, and clients will be happy to stay at home while still learning about what you can do for them.

(2)   Keep It Short

While this is almost common sense, many advisors give client presentations where they try to throw everything they know at a client. These presentations are lengthy and boring. Keep your presentation broad and keep it under 20 minutes, with plenty of time for questions. Focus on the information your client wants, not the information you want to give.

(3)   Get Visual

Hand-in-hand with the “go digital” advice above, go visual! Create a visually appealing presentation, and bring it with you to your client on a tablet or laptop. Make sure the visual presentation is mobile/tablet friendly, and use it to illustrate your points as you talk to your potential clients. A visual presentation is much more likely to keep clients interested and engaged.

(4)   Keep It Small And Tailored

Seminar client presentations, where you stand in a room of 100 people and tell them all why you’re the best advisor for them, do little in the way of actually telling potential clients why they should choose you as their advisor. In an intimate setting, you can tailor your presentation to those in the room and potential clients are more likely to pay attention. Also, if you are able to get some information from potential clients before the presentation, you can provide information that is tailored to your audience – something you couldn’t do if your audience consisted of 100 people.

(5)   End Strong And Follow Up

When the client presentation is over, summarize your key points and use the questions your potential clients (hopefully) asked you to deliver a closing that speaks to their biggest concerns. Give them collateral if you have it, perhaps a one-pager with summary information about you. Most importantly, follow up with your potential clients 2-3 days after the presentation!

At Perfect Client, we stress the importance of the relationship. That relationship sometimes starts with a client presentation, so make sure you’re starting it on the right foot!

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